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Ambition The Poet is the first fostercare poet in the history of the United States. He is a 3x author of the series: From the Tongue of a Foster Child. Ambition has performed for Temple University, NAACP, and the Wells Fargo Center. While performing on multiple conferences and panels, people started to inquire about his performances. He now teaches workshops and programs to help clients with spoken word to a mastery level.


In addition to being a national poet, Ambition is known for his fostercare advocacy. Ambition is a journalist for the foster kids around the globe. His poetry is a reporting mechanism on their struggles,trauma and their hidden memories. Ambition decided to create fostercare conferences for both former foster kids and foster parents. He realized that everyday americans, who may not be a doctor or a director of an agency, needed a stage to speak about their life as it relates to the foster care system. 

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The first foster care poet in the history
of the United States.

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A Fosterchild's

Interview available for pre-order now....

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